Patisserie Desserts with Biddenden English Sparkling Wine

16th December 2021

Sparkling Wine and Pastry Cakes

Do you want an amazing selection of Sweet Pastries for a very affordable price? Then look no further than Iceland’s 10 Patisserie Selection, available for only £5.

This is a perfect selection to get for Christmas, there’s something for everyone inside unless you’re having 11 people coming over, in that case, you’ll have to share.

With such a fine selection of cakes to enjoy, it’s only right to call on a Sparkling Wine that has the power to stand up to that level of delicate, creamy sweetness. This Sparkling Wine won the Trophy in the Dessert Category, our Judges thought it best fit the category against Champagnes, Argentinan and Slovenian Sparkling Wines.

A wine that will likely be sweeter in taste and pairs well with desserts.

Let’s first taste this English Sparkling Wine to see if it’s the perfect match for the Dessert Category


Biddenden Vineyards – Gribble Bridge Ortega Demi-Sec 2019 Tasting Notes

Aroma 👃 “Green apples, green pears, green grapes, green apple glazed tart aromas.”

Flavour 👅 “Orchard fruits, green apples, green pears, tastes like a natural sweetness from the fruits rather than added sugar.”

The Trophy Winner in the Dessert Category at the Glass of Bubbly Awards 2021.

Wow, what a treat, defiantly in the right category, there are many sweet Sparkling Wines available to buy, but not that many produced in England.

Kent’s original vineyard, the Barnes family has owned and managed Biddenden Vineyards since 1969, but vines weren’t the first things planted there, there were originally over 40 acres of apple orchard, but in the late 60’s apple prices began to decline, and in 1969, they decided to turn 1/3 of their acres into vines, that’s when Biddenden Vineyards was born.

They currently have 12 different grape varieties planted over 23 acres of south-facing slopes. It’s interesting to know that their first wine was bottled in 1973, it would be amazing if you have that bottle safely stored somewhere, today they produce around 80,000 bottles per year, the vineyard is currently being run by the second & third generations of the Barnes family.

There are many wonderful and award winning English Sparkling Wines on the market today, I think it would be a nice idea to enjoy a bottle of English Sparkling Wine on Christmas Day, to show our support for the industry, maybe you might end up trying something new, Glass of Bubbly can definitely help you find the perfect bottle for you and your family

The Pairing – Christmas Pastry Desserts and Sparkling Wine

Biddenden and Cherry Chocolate Chip Gateau Slice Pairing: “The Sparkling wine intensifies the cherry along with the chocolate flavours.”

Biddenden and Marzipan Gateau Slice Pairing: “The Sparkling Wine comes in and cleanses the palate, then allows the marzipan flavour to come alive again for a second wind in the same bite.”

Biddenden and Almond Cream Cake Pairing: “The Sparkling Wine comes in and cleanses5the palate, but leaves some of the almond flavours, giving you a single expression of delicate almond.”

Biddenden and Strawberry Vanilla Cream Gateau Slice Pairing: “A nice balance of white chocolate, strawberries, cream and pastry, the sparkling wine comes in and cleanses the palate leaving you wanting another bite.”

Biddenden and Cherry Cream Slice Pairing: “The chocolate leads the flavour, cherry takes second place and takes on a slight bitter taste.”

Biddenden and Strawberry Cream Slice Pairing: “The Sparkling Wine cleanses the palate too early, leaving creamy strawberry flavours with hints of green apple skin.”

Biddenden and Mandarin Cream Tart Pairing: “Green citrus is added to the mandarin cream tart in a strong but not overpowering way.”

Biddenden and Chocolate Cream Tart Pairing: “A wonderful blend of chocolate, cream and pastry, the sparkling wine adds elements of English country gardens.”

Biddenden and Strawberry Cream Roll Pairing: “The strawberry is rather let go, the pastry takes on the green fruit flavours giving you a green fruit cream roll with hints of strawberries.”

Biddenden and Lemon cream Roll Pairing: “The lemon flavours stay with you throughout, even intensifying after the Sparkling Wine has been added, with hints of pastry.”

Merry Christmas Everyone

Oliver Walkey

Oliver Walkey

WSET 2 Journalist focused on sharing Champagne and Sparkling Wine reviews and cocktails to the world.