What The World Has To Say About Sparkling Wine

20th September 2021


Quoting a Proverb can be like reciting poetry, especially when dealing with the fine Art of Wine and Fizz.

But what is a Proverb, do you know? If you don’t, then here is the definition – ‘a short, well-known pithy saying, stating a general truth or piece of advice.’

I’ve found some beautifully written proverbs to show you, each from a country and one from the Latin language, these short few words can sum up someone’s opinion or view of Wine, Sparkling Wine or Champagne, these proverbs could even sometimes ignite a memory.

Fish and Chips & English Fizz Tasting - Christopher Walkey and Michael Edwards

Fish and Chips & English Fizz Tasting – Christopher Walkey and Michael Edwards

Age And Glasses Of Wine Should Never Be Counted. – Italian Proverb

When I first saw this proverb I initially thought about the saying ‘it’s rude to ask a lady’s age’, but after struggling to figure out what to write, I looked at it again and saw it differently, age is just a number, it’s important to others, especially in the dating game, but to yourself maybe it’s something we should care a little less about, throughout life we tend to always be wishing time away, when your young you wish to be older, you wish to be able to go on theme park rides, to go out with your friends, to drive, to drink, but when you’re a little older, you wish to be younger to relive your younger days, not wanting to work, and then once you reach a certain age you wish to be older again, longing for the day you can retire and live out the rest of your days carefree.

Stop wishing your days away, take control of your present and try living to your fullest potential, plus, make sure you enjoy with a Glass of Bubbly.

Champagne barrel

One Barrel Of Wine Can Work More Miracles Than A Church Full Of Saints. – Italian Proverb

If you had just one barrel of wine at hand, you wouldn’t have any troubles, don’t underestimate the power of a glass of wine or sparkling wine.

Judges - 2020 Champagne & Sparkling Wine Awards London

Judges – 2020 Champagne & Sparkling Wine Awards London

The Church Is Near, But The Road Is Icy. The Bar Is Far Away, But I Will Walk Carefully. – Russian Proverb

The power of a Glass of Bubbly, the drink which you’d order from the bar is up to your imagination, in a bar you drink, socialise and enjoy yourself, it can be a second home to some, but so can a Church, which one would you walk to, the Church or the Bar?

Champagne village of Ay

Christopher enjoying the views down to the Champagne village of Ay

Burgundy For Kings, Champagne For Duchesses, Claret For Gentlemen. – French Proverb

Luckily we’re living in a time where Burgundy, Champagne and Claret aren’t just for royalty, anyone can get themselves a glass and enjoy its aromas and flavours, these drinks are for everyone now, appreciate them!

Good Wine Praises Itself – Dutch Proverb

A few Champagnes and Sparkling Wines spring to mind when I read this proverb, unfortunately, I have not enjoyed any Sparkling Wine from the Netherlands but I see the truth in this, when drinking a glass of wine like this with a friend, you need not say anything, just a look will tell the other person what you are thinking, a good wine will praise itself, and from word of mouth it will spread, but sometimes you need to speed it up a little more for the whole world to enjoy it through marketing and tastings.

Without Bread And Wine, Love Goes Hungry – Latin Proverb

A Latin Proverb, a beautiful language to learn, is hunger all love feels or is it just another way to fuel it, the love in which you think of may differ, from family, yourself or a special romantic interest, I see this proverb as before a meal on a date, you eat the bread to keep your stomach from rumbling before your meal arrives and you drink the wine for conversation and pleasure in the palate.

Oliver Walkey

Oliver Walkey

WSET 2 Journalist focused on sharing Champagne and Sparkling Wine reviews and cocktails to the world.