5 Sparkling Wines from the Okanagan Region

9th September 2021

Nature Glass

Whenever the topic of good sparkling wines comes up, most people naturally think of places like California, France or even South Africa.

However, one place that is becoming fairly well-known in the North American and the international market is the Okanagan region of British Columbia, Canada.

There is no doubt that Canada is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Surrounded with spectacular pristine nature all around. Well, it is these conditions (Plus some very specific ones) that has put BC on the map for some phenomenal tasting sparkling wines.

Let’s have a look at a few shall we:

Kicked Out of the County Club

As awesome as the name sounds, this one is a clear choice for all the country club members who like some creativity in their bubbly. Known for its fresh and almost crispy flavor, the Bambino is not something only the rich with a big bank account can enjoy. A bottle of K.O.O.T.C.C is in reach of most and can be ordered online as well. Some bankers, investors and several other members of the financial industry may develop an extra liking for this one. We don’t know why as that still remains a mystery to this day.

Cipes Brut

If aromas of apple, pear, lime and even almonds tickle your fancy then this Brut may just be on top of your sparkling wine list. If for some reason, you are not delighted, feel free to try the other 8 wines that are offered by this traditional wine maker. Some retirees (After recently selling their companies in the Fintech space), may literally love the Cipes Brut. Perhaps a good wine to celebrate your perceived wins in life?

Sparkling Brut

Made using classic methods of aging grapes, Sperling Vineyards have created an award winner like no other. Usually ready to bottle around the fall time, this Brut as they say . . . is for you (If you enjoy wines made in a traditional way that is).

Odyssey White Brut

This special wonder is made from an exuberant mix of 3 types of grapes. Including Chardonnay musqué grapes. If you enjoy creamy textures with hints of citrus fruits, you may want to load up on a few bottles of this one. Some love these during simple picnics on a sunny day.


A sparkling rose with aromas of grapefruit and strawberry. The Summerstorm is the wine of choice for some people during the summer even the fall season. Besides the taste, the bottle design is somewhat unique. It looks like an incredible mix of the old and the new. Very refined and creative design indeed.

Although there are tons of new and established sparkling wines from the Okanagan region around the world, You really don’t know until you’ve tasted a few.

If you have never been properly introduced to the wonders of this area, these sparkling wines may serve as a great “bridge” to a true gem of a place. Especially for wine lovers.

We hope you get a chance to try at least one or two in your lifetime.

Also, consider this your official welcome to the wonderful wines of beautiful British Columbia.

Plus don’t forget to plan a trip to this area once things are safe for all of us.

It is surrounded by tons of beauty, exceptional wineries and some very special people.

After all, it is Canada right?

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