Christmas Crackers

10th December 2021

Fox & Fox Mosaic 2015 Christmas Cracker

Christmas crackers have been festively snapping since the Victorian time and what Christmas day table would be complete without a cracker to kick things off!

Tom Smith created the first Christmas cracker. He was a London-based confectioner who was inspired by the paper-wrapped sugared almonds he saw in France. Tom Smith invented a sweet-filled wrapper that could be pulled apart by two hands, an idea that his three sons continued to develop into an exciting new business venture later on.” source Royal Liver Building Venue

From a box of six mini crackers at your local pound store with plastic mini toys within to those luxurious options containing diamond rings and gold watches. Famous brands supply their own versions such as John Lewis, Selfridges and Swarovski® or themed ones containing just chocolate, alcohol or hand crafted gifts. Plus of course, we can not forget those sometimes terrible jokes to read out and lastly who will be wearing their paper hat other than grandad this year!?

The world’s longest Christmas cracker measured 63.1 m (207 ft) long and 4 m (13 ft) in diameter and was made by the parents of children at Ley Hill School and Pre-School, Chesham, Buckinghamshire, UK on 20 December 2001.” source Guinness World Records

Surveys suggest that Brits will pull on average around 150 million crackers during the Christmas period!

The word cracker holds many meanings that include those thin savoury wafer biscuits (that might make an appearance during Christmas also when the cheese board graces the table), though also it can refer to an offensive term used to refer to a white person from rural parts of the southeastern U.S.

Among variables of ‘cracker’ is something positive that stands out and mostly visually – Going back to many older, especially comedy, movies a person can sometimes be referred to as a cracker thus being liked and admired.

A Cracker for your Christmas table this year in the world of wine is a fabulous English Bubbly that was voted the best for Winter time at the London Champagne & Sparkling Wine Awards 2021 – Fox & Fox Mosaic 2015

In amongst roast potatoes (the most popular item eaten at Christmas), slices of Turkey, the gravy, the mince pies and cream we must of course have a bottle of wine – Why not make it a trophy winning English Sparkling Wine that can easily be ordered online and ready for Christmas Day and at only £29.00 a bottle! Purchase today here: Mosaic 2015 £29.00

Fox & Fox Mosaic 2015 VintageTrophy Winner 2021 ‘Winter Warmer’Tasting Notes: “Sit back, de-stress and enjoy… Aromas offer yellow floral, salty crisps, orchard fruits, honeysuckle, glazed patisseries, touch of red berries. Full of English countryside in flavours with hay, orchard fruits, gooseberry, freshly baked bread.

Christopher Walkey

Christopher Walkey

Co-founder of Glass of Bubbly. Journalist and author focused on Champagne & Sparkling Wines and pairing them with foods.