What Sparkling Wine To Pair With Sea Bass?

8th December 2021

What Sparkling Wine To Pair With Sea Bass

Fish and Sparkling Wine often go hand in hand as a great paring, so finding that extra special taste, requires that extra touch.

Sea Bass can be cooked in a variety of different ways, the only real limit is your imagination, whether you like the Sea Bass to be the only flavour hitting your palate or if you prefer to have a circus performing on your tongue, each palate is our own and needs to be catered to, so next time you feel like a piece of Sea Bass, consider cooking it with a Kiwi or if you don’t like Kiwi, try Mango, if you don’t like something sweet, add in chilli pepper or ginger.

This beautiful piece of Sea Bass was fried with 1 Kiwi, 1 Green Apple, 2 Garlic cloves, 2 Mint Leaves and a sprinkle of Herbs.

I then placed it all on a bed of white rice, as the Kiwi had been cooked with the Sea Bass, its sweetness levels had increased, meaning if we were to have a pleasant combination for lunch or dinner, we would need a balance between sweet and savoury, because sweet foods are more powerful on the palate than savoury, so to make sure the savoury flavours were not overpowered, I made sure we had two strong forces.

After creating such a delicious lunch for myself, I need to pair it with a Sparkling Wine that wouldn’t just work but enhance the whole tasting experience, so I looked into our Sea Breeze category, I landed on a previous trophy winner, No.1 Rosé.

No.1 Family Estate was born in 1977 by Adele & Daniel, they chose the name No.1 Family Estate in recognition of the many ‘firsts’ in New Zealand wine they had achieved over the years while working on their first venture, Cellier Le Brun.

They released their very first Cuvée No.1 on Bastille Day in 1999 and in 2012 their No.1 Assemblé was the first wine in New Zealand to be labelled ‘Méthode Marlborough’ in place of Méthode Traditionelle.

Aroma 👃 “Sea salt, raspberries minerals, wet stones, seashells and fresh from the beach seaweed on the aroma.”

Flavour 👅 “A vibrant expression of red berries mixed with wet stones, seashells and salty ocean air on the palate.”

This Sparkling Wine from New Zealand Won a Silver Medal in the Sea Breeze Category at the Glass of Bubbly Awards 2021

Wow! a perfect example of a Sea Breeze Sparkling Wine, all you need to do is close your eyes and take in the aromas of this Rosé and you find yourself standing on the beach, I can’t wait to pair this with the Sea Bass.

Paring Notes – “A fantastic infusion of salty, minerals and red berries, as soon the Sparkling Wine enters, the sweet kiwi flavours are enhanced, the mint holds firm a salty saline brings the savoury sea bass back to life on flavour allowing for a sweet and savoury finish.”

A truly wonderful pairing, everything worked, nothing overpowered, the Sparkling Wine added its own Sea Breeze character and enhanced some of the existing flavours from the dish, I am very pleased with how this food pairing turned out and I defiantly recommend that you give it a try.

Thank you for reading, I hope you’ve enjoyed and even learned something new, until next time, enjoy the fizz!

Oliver Walkey

Oliver Walkey

WSET 2 Journalist focused on sharing Champagne and Sparkling Wine reviews and cocktails to the world.